Cooking is our passion

Chef Hsu Ying Wong

Chef, Entrepreneur, Artist

Chef is from Piedras Negras Mexico. She started her culinary training at home. Her mother, Juanita, is an accomplished chocolatier by her own right. Hsu Ying learned from an early age the craft of cooking and its endless possibilities. Hsu Ying traveled throughout Mexico and worked in Merida at a Five Star Resort. There she learned to appreciate multiple cultures. Chef graduated from Culinary School in 2013 from the Art Institute in San Antonio. Her fearlessness in the kitchen was well rewarded by winning contests that landed her a position as banquet chef at the Westin at La Cantera.

Chef, Entrepreneur, Artist

Our Belief

I believe in the organic. The original and the traditional. Like being a child and tasting something for the very first time the way it was supposed to be prepared and finding my love for the meal in its parts and its entirety.

I believe in being original and creative. Our culture is used to a certain way food is prepared and served. So change will be met with resistance. We strive to overcome those obstacles by combining traditional ingredients together and presenting a truly organic meal.

I believe in being responsible in what I consume and what I serve. The organic phenomenon should include not only the origin of our fruits veggies and meats... It should also be a reminder of creation and how God intended humans to consume his gifts.

Prep4me is about organic food and cooking. We want to share a creativity in our culture that exposes our customers to flavors they are used to combined with new flavors and methods they may not have considered.

This is my love, my passion & my drive

- Chef Hsu
Healing our bodies through food

Our Mission

Do more than do no harm...

Our starting point when we cook is the feeling of love and harmony.

When we launched Prep4me, the main point that stood out on our white board was the phrase "DO NO HARM".

As we developed the menu, it was pretty darn clear we wanted to do more than just not harm our customers. It became clear that we should be improving the lives and well-being of them. So with that in mind, we instituted a conscious effort to heal bodies with a variety of foods and spices that will reduce inflammation, improve digestion and bring you peace of mind that you are eating food that will help you feel better with every meal.